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Fiberglass Spas

Deep Blue Pools Spillover Spas for Inground Pools

Fiberglass and Vinyl Liner inground pools with a built-in spa are a fantastic way to indulge in a personal extravagance. However, before moving forward with a swimming pool spa, consider the following:

Latham offers fiberglass and vinyl liner pools and spas for a variety of backyard sizes.

What is your budget for your pool? While you can install a combination fiberglass pool with a spa for a reasonable cost, you may want to allocate money for accessories like water features and LED inground pool lights that will transform your pool into a beautiful, personalized extension of your home.

What style fits your outdoor aesthetic? Latham Pool Products has a generous selection of pools and spillover spas in different shapes and sizes that can be customized with gorgeous tile and pool mosaics. Our experts will help you determine the optimal size and shape for your pool spa while working within the constraints of your budget.

Spillover Spa Models

Mystic & Mystic Spillover

Regal & Regal Spillover

Royal & Royal Spillover

Shasta & Shasta Spillover