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The Wichita

The Wichita is a superb choice for water aerobics. The constant depth gives you an option of swimming pool or the addition of swim-jets for a “swim machine” effect. The Wichita will fit almost anywhere so check with American Fiberglass Pools before you let easements and building lines ruin your dream of pool ownership.'


The Trinity

The Trinity is one of American Fiberglass Pools most stylish designs, with long slender lines and gentle curves that lend a feeling of standing in the shadows of the acropolis in ancient Greece. The Trinity’s Grecian design makes it not only stylish but also practical for small yards and patio homes. This American Fiberglass Pool has a depth of 3 feet to 5 feet, and is 11 feet wide by 27 feet in length. The Trinity is one of American Fiberglass Pool’s all time most popular designs, with plenty of both depth and length to allow the swimmer in the family ample room for exercise. The shallow end not only contains the three steps entering the Trinity, but also a long love seat to simply relax in. The deep end has a swimout to which hydrotherapy jets can be easily installed. Choose any decking imaginable to turn your backyard into a Grecian courtyard with the Trinity from American Fiberglass Pools.


The San Marcos

The San Marcos is an excellent size for confined backyards or as a pool sized for those who just wish to get wet! The 4′ depth is just right for water aerobics. The bench seat surrounds the entire pool perimeter and can have hydro therapy jets installed to make the San Marcos one of the biggest spas in the world! The San Marcos can also be an above the ground installation! Ask American Fiberglass Pools about the details for a “permanent” above ground pool.


The San Jacinto

The San Jacinto by American Fiberglass Pools brings an extra dimension of fun and beauty to a backyard. With its 13-foot width and 29-foot length, the San Jacinto packs a lot of swimming area into a limited space. This fun pool ranges in depth from 3½ to 5½ feet. The elegantly shaped entrance of the San Jacinto adds classic lines and styles to any backyard, giving it unmatched beauty. The lounging seat that stretches across the entrance allows the young and old alike to simply relax in the coolness of the San Jacinto. This beautiful American Fiberglass Pool can be perfectly accented with any decking you can imagine. Tile, redwood, or concrete can be shaped to add an extra dimension to this stunning pool.


The San Antonio

The San Antonio has the gentle curves, the meandering elegance of the river for which it is named. One of the all time top selections of American Fiberglass Pools customers, truly a prevailing choice in design for the aristocratic pool buyer. The stairs on the San Antonio cover the entire width of the shallow end, the second stair can also be used as a bench for the lounging to be expected by the relaxing pool owner. As well, there are two seats on the deep end walls to accommodate the rest of the family.


The Rio Grande

The Rio Grande is annually one of American Fiberglass Pool’s most popular size family swimming pools. It has the capacity to easily accommodate about 20 people, making it perfect for those backyard get-togethers. The 35-foot length allows the serious swimmer to get through a workout with ease. The Rio Grande is larger than the national average size for an in ground pool. It ranges in depth from 3½ to 8½ feet, which allows ample depth for diving. At the shallow end of the pool are three steps for easy access, and a love seat that spans the width of the pool. The decking around the Rio Grande is as flexible as your imagination. It can include redwood, concrete, tile, or just about anything you desire shaped to produce a dramatic effect in your yard. With the Rio Grande you know you are getting the maximum in swimming pool fun.


The Pecos

The Pecos features gentle curves that bring to mind the beauty and picturesque quality of the fountains of Rome. The curved entrance also affords practicality- with a lounging seat that allows you to simply relax in the refreshing coolness of the Pecos. The Pecos ranges in depth from 3 ½ feet to 5 ½ or 6 foot maximum depth models, making it perfect for swimming activities and families with small children. Redwood, concrete, or tile would beautifully complement this elegant yet practical American Fiberglass Pool. For a similar pool with more depth, see The Brazos


The Neches

The Model Neches is one of the most popular non-diving pools that American Fiberglass Pools manufactures. The non-diving depth is ideal for water volleyball and water sport amusements that the whole family can enjoy for years to come. The well proportioned shape of the Neches offers both balance and practical curves and dimensions. The stairs in the Neches are built across the width of the pool on the shallow end, and a ledge or tanning area is built on the deep end of the pool.


The Lazy S

The Lazy S has charm of shape that will dignify any home’s backyard. A distinct shape that has entry stairs and bench on the pool side wall so there is lots of pool length to roam and frolic in the all non-diving water depth. A convenience ledge runs completely around the deeper end of the Lazy S. The “little ones” will find this feature just right when catching a breath after hours and hours of fun and merriment in the Model Lazy S.


The Lazy 8

The Lazy 8 adds impressive beauty of form to any home. With distinct curves and “love seats” for two on each end of the pool, your own backyard comfort zones for two can take you away from the stress of the day. With side entry stairs and bench, there is lots of room for laps and exercise in the Lazy 8. A convenience ledge starts at the end of the shallow end and continues completely around the diving well to join once again at the opposite shallow end wall. The Lazy 8 is diving ready for a six (6) foot diving board. How do you have a lazy day of fun and leisure? In the Model Lazy 8 of course!


The Lavaca

The Lavaca is small, but can pack a powerful punch! Easily transformed into a swim spa, the Lavaca has comfortable reclined seats in the spa end, yet has plenty of room for water aerobics or exercise. The cost of heating and chemical care is very affordable.


The Llano

A New Model Now Available Exclusively from American Fiberglass Pools. The Llano is especially designed for those long and narrow backyards so prominent in today’s new home construction. With 33 feet of length, the Llano has lots of space available for those water volleyball and basketball games. Yet there is ample seating available on each end for mom, dad, and friends to kick back and relax. Need some rest and relaxation in your life? Don’t drive hours to get it, just open your own back door and take the plunge into your own backyard oasis, the Llano by American Fiberglass Pools.


The Rio Bravo

A New Model Now Available Exclusively from American Fiberglass Pools. The Rio Bravo is big! Almost 600 sq. ft. of pure aquatic enjoyment. The maximum depth of 5 1/2 feet gives your family and friends a lot of play area. Think of all the excitement and fun the Rio Bravo would bring to your backyard. Start planning the BBQ’s, the socials, the birthday parties that can be held in the safety and privacy of your own backyard. The Rio Bravo is the perfect last piece in completing your backyard paradise.


The Guadalupe

A New Model Now Available Exclusively from American Fiberglass Pools. This is truly the LARGEST fiberglass pool available in the world. With inside dimensions a true 19 x 43 ft., you will have lots of room to swim, perform water aerobics, swim laps, and enjoy a cool dip during the long, hot, humid, summertime. No other fiberglass pool available offers you over 760 sq. ft. of pure uninterrupted aquatic enjoyment. Just like the river of its name, the Guadalupe will offer you a lifetime of gentle water induced relaxation.


The Nueces

A new model now available from American Fiberglass Pools. The Nueces meets the growing demand for pools to fit in smaller backyards. The depth of 3 1/2 to 5 feet also gives the important option of having a “swimming” depth in a confined backyard. The Nueces can easily be installed in zero lot line situations and can also be upgraded into a swimspa that can offer you essentially an unending swim experience. The Nueces is just the right size to recharge your spirit and achieve your health and fitness goals. A truly private, low maintenance fitness center for recreation, aquatic workouts, and the ultimate refuge from stress.


The Frio

A New Model Available Exclusively from American Fiberglass Pools. The Frio is one of the largest fiberglass pools available in the world. A diving capable pool that is 18 ft. wide and 42 ft. long. As they say in Texas, the Frio is the “Muy Grande” of the fiberglass pool industry. Almost 750 sq. ft. of cool, clear, refreshing water. The Frio not only allows diving, but has a huge shallow area of almost 325 sq. ft. The steps and seats are designed not to interfere with the shallow end activities. Do you think big? Then consider the Frio, they do not make them any bigger.


The Colorado

The Colorado by American Fiberglass Pools is the ultimate “Fun” pool. The Colorado’s sleek design and almost constant depth make it ideal for those fun water sports like volleyball, basketball, and water polo. The depth is deepest in the middle at 4 feet 3 inches, the bottom then slopes gently toward each end to a minimum depth of 3 feet 3 inches. The ends each have long relaxing loveseats to settle into after your water Olympics are concluded. The 13 foot wide and 27 foot long American Fiberglass Pool means great fun and sport for the whole family. The Colorado can also be complimented by any type of decking available, including tile, concrete, or redwood.


The Brazos

The Brazos model pool adds elegance to any backyard. The gentle curves bring to mind the beauty and picturesque quality of the river it derives its name from. The curved entrance also affords practicality- with a lounging seat that allows you to simply relax in the refreshing coolness of the Brazos. The Brazos ranges in depth from 3½ to 8½ feet, making it perfect for diving or swimming. The type of decking available for the Brazos is whatever you desire. Redwood, concrete, or tile would beautifully complement this elegant yet practical American Fiberglass Pool. For a similar pool with less depth, see The Pecos